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Are you looking to take your life to the next level?
Do you want to achieve your purpose, passion and
unlock your full potential?

Look no further - At JWI Life Coaching we use the D.A.O.E.'s

Eight Strategies to Success!



Getting to Know You

Understanding the "Why"

Understanding the Vision


Identify Your Strengths & Enables

Prioritizing the Challenge

Evaluating Risks & Constraints



Framing Your Options

Clarifying Your Story

Developing the Action Plan



Exploring New Opportunities

Implement Strategy & Practice

Check-Ins & Way Forward


Let us take you to the next level of your journey through our eight step process:

5. Create a positive mindset
6. Build a support system
7. Take consistent action
8. Continuously learn and adapt

1. Set clear goals
2. Develop a growth mindset
3. Take ownership of your actions
4. Cultivate self-awareness

Team Meeting

Client Testimonials

Connecting with JWI D.A.O.E 's Life Coaching was truly a great awakening for me in multiple areas of my life. Learning how to slow down and set clear, achievable goals has been a breakthrough in understanding my strengths and opportunities to grow. This hasn't been an easy journey but I've learned through examples that it's okay if you fall, just don't stay down . I've learned to get up, to develop strategies from missed opportunities, to take ownership of it all. But most importantly, have action plans in place that go8ng forward towards each goal.


I acknowledge all of who I am. Understanding the innate part of me has helped me see myself from a different lens and others also. I am determined to succeed in every area of my life now and JWI is a major factor as to why I believe I can!

Thank you for believing in me!!

- Lydia Barnett 

JWI D.A.O.E.’s Life Coaching aided in my clarity of my goals, expanded my vision of service and deepened my ability to execute strategies to expand my business. Through the guided wisdom of JWI I was able to grow at an exponential rate. The implemented planning and strategy allowed me steward growth and success without a sanctimonious mindset or position. I must add this took detailed planning, however after the vision and pivots were in place to succeed. Success was inevitable. I would highly recommend JWI D.A.O.E. 's life coaching program for all entrepreneurs in both the private and public sector.

- Anais

Invest in yourself and your future by partnering with JWI D.A.O.E's Life Coaching. Don't miss this opportunity to take your life to the next level.

Ready to take the first step towards a brighter future? Contact us today and start your journey to success with our expert guidance and direction. Your goals are within reach – make them a reality today!

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